In my many years of experience, I have learned that an attractive, self-confident appearance is expected and will be rewarded in all areas of business.

I was working for various international companies for 15 years, and during this time, I recognized the impact of appearance. 2002 I made the decision to follow my passion. I then began my training as a color and style consultant as well as a make-up artist.

In addition, I took Arabian make-up classes and threading courses. This centuries-old technique allows me to remove unwanted facial hair in order to, for example, form the perfectly-shaped eyebrow.

In 2009, I established my own business as a styling coach and make-up artist. In doing so, my dream came true.

There are innumerable opportunities for you to emphasize your beauty and make a positive impression. Whether it is an important business meeting, a job interview, an evening at the opera, a romantic dinner, a wedding, or a carnival party, looking your best will give you a recognizable advantage.
With my expertise, discover the magic of style and color and fascinate the
people around you.